Tom Burnett Advanced Leadership Program Nomination Form

Leadership Education and Development--Undergraduate Programs is seeking nominations of students for the Tom Burnett Advanced Leadership Program.  We are asking your help in disseminating this information to colleagues, instructors and others who have contact with students. 

Participants will explore and enhance their leadership abilities through the study of advanced leadership topics such as negotiation, networking, creating change in the workplace, risk-taking and courage, working in a global environment and many more. 

Students will meet together for 8 weeks in the spring semester to work together and discuss pertinent topics of leadership. Each participant will be paired with a job coach from his/her chosen field.

The Tom Burnett Advanced Leadership Program is a highly selective program for seniors (and select juniors who would be unable to participate their senior year).  Only 12-15 students are admitted each spring.  This is a great opportunity for you to recognize the students you feel far exceed the average student in their leadership abilities and contributions.  We encourage you to notify the students you have nominated and let them know that they are well deserving of this honor.  Once we receive your nominations, we will contact the student(s) and invite them to apply for the program.

Please use this form to nominate a student; submit more than once if you are nominating multiple students. Nominations are due September 23, 2016.